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Denise Booth

Denise Booth is an aspiring author as well as a top Realtor. She has had a story for almost a decade, but the time is now! Using her test as her testimony, Denise Booth believes her journey can give women the inner power they need to know they are a conqueror.

The power of a woman is far beyond what can be measured, and Everything That Glitters is a true story of the events that occurred with her marriage to a four-time boxing light heavyweight world champion and all the complications that occurred during that time. To think that he was the prize, how a girl like Denise Booth be so dumb. Everything That Glitters will speak about the perseverance, the strength, and the confidence Denise Booth’s journey has instilled. Her motto is, “With faith, hard work, and integrity, there is no ceiling. Those 3 things are free!”


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The world becomes a dark place when you can least expect it. The same one can say for the events that occur in their lives. Here is what some readers commented about Denise Booth’s book.

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