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Everything that Glitters

Denise Booth felt like she had everything that she ever could ask for. She was married to the man of her dreams, as well as four-time light heavyweight champion of the world. Denise was very excited, as the future seemed to overflow with love and life promising. Everything was a fairytale that was until Denise Booth woke up and realized it was not a dream. It was, in fact, a living nightmare! It all came crashing down. The author understood it was all a hoax.

The foundation of her marriage was set up on pillars of dishonesty and lies, instead of transparency and love. Year after year, and after years of abuse and emotional torture, she finally decided to walk! No amount of money is worth her life! She left and never to communicate with him again. Grab your copies today to learn how a wife of boxing superstar and costar of Rocky balboa, Antonio Tarver, learned how she became the real prize. More than a conqueror.

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